Intrusion Prevention

When it comes to comprehensive intrusion detection and prevention, you can count on Securiosity deliver a solution that is practical, highly effective and useful from day one. Rather than delivering some esoteric concoction that characterizes so many offerings in the industry, we focus on a soup-to-nuts approach that carefully analyzes your network design and information flow, and then feeds an expert-driven solutions engineering approach that is simple, elegant and powerful.

 Regardless of your size, we have the capability to integrate an IPS that exhibits organic behavior one that is highly adaptable and scalable, and able to absorb and thrive in high-entropy environments.  Right from the start, you will own and operate a system that reports back to you in real-time: the threats faced, the actions taken and the constantly gaining security momentum.  Our goal is to engineer a system that evolves with changing threats to rapidly identify and neutralize intrusions, attacks and anomalies, and constantly safeguard your security.

Securiosity IPS is governed by a simple mantra: 360o expert view of 100% of your information flows. We can even design and produce a network of IPS devices, that are deployed strategically around your global network; to enable a holistic, security-centric view of your information flows, threats & anomalies, and actions taken.


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